Driveway Series


Going strong for 11 years, Holland Racing is proud to present the 2016 PURE Austin Driveway Series presented by Austin Fit Magazine. The nation's largest race series. The Driveway Series is sanctioned by USA Cycling.

Driveway Austin is private property. Holland Racing LLC owns the rights to the Driveway Series and leases Driveway Austin for the purpose of hosting bicycle events. While competitive in nature, the bicycle events held at Driveway Austin are to be considered educational/training/practice.

Holland Racing LLC wants everyone to have fun while at the Driveway. That said, there are some boundaries/policies in place to ensure that our lease agreement, insurance particulars, and business relationships are honored. Remember, these policies are here to help ensure that the Driveway Series is available for years to come. When someone violates them they put everyone at risk of losing this unique Austin treasure.

Please be aware of the following:


  • Events held rain or shine.

  • In rare circumstances events may be canceled due to weather and/or track conditions. In the event of cancelation please refer to the home page on this website and/or our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram handles as well as the email you have on file in your account.

  • No riding on the track prior to 4PM on Thursdays.

  • Helmets must be worn when on bike.

  • Signed waivers required prior to riding on the track.

  • No unattended children.

  • Dogs must be leashed.

  • No smoking (fire hazard).

  • No climbing on or in the Driveway's cars.

  • No climbing in or on the trailers and/or equipment.

  • No climbing, standing in, or rolling of the tires (wasps love the tires anyway).

  • No walking into the Driveway's building(s) without permission.

  • Please do not walk out into the wooded areas.


  • License agreement required for commercial photography.

    • Commercial photography is defined but not limited to:

      • Photography with the intent to resell.

      • Photography for any kind of promotional purposes.

      • Driveway Austin and Holland Racing LLC reserve the right to review and determine on a case by case basis whether or not a persons' or organizations' photos are commercial or not.

      • Restrictions may apply.

      • To inquire please reach out here.


  • License agreement required to use "Driveway Austin" or "Driveway Series" name in promotional materials and/or media.

    • Restrictions may apply.

    • For licensing please reach out here.


  • Any organization/business wishing to set up a tent, hang a banner, sell products, sample products/services, handout flyers, activate promotions and/or seek donations must register with Holland Racing as a vendor/sponsor.

  • Restrictions may apply.

  • City, County, State and/or Federal permits may be required.

  • Holland Racing LLC & Driveway Austin LLC reserve the right to review on a per case basis.

  • General Liability insurance may be required and will be determined on a per case basis.

  • To register please drop us a line here.



Event Registration

  • Racer registration is on a first come first serve basis.

  • Fees must be paid in full in order to be considered a participant.

  • Participating without completing registration is considered theft of service.

  • No refunds.