Driveway Series

Thursdays thru Sept 27

Going strong for 11 years, Holland Racing is proud to present the 2016 PURE Austin Driveway Series presented by Austin Fit Magazine. The nation's largest race series. The Driveway Series is sanctioned by USA Cycling.


My wife, Holly and I have been putting on races at the Driveway since 2009. Our daughter was less than a year old at our first Driveway. We've since added a son. They've grown up at the Driveway. Holly and I look forward to many more years at the Driveway. We hope your family, your friends, your dogs, and you can enjoy the races for years to come as well.

2016 will mark 29 years of Thursday Night Training Races in Austin. The last 11 years have been at the Driveway (with Holly and I at the helm that last 8 years). In that time we've met a lot of people and encountered a lot of situations at the Driveway. Below is a friendly list of what we've learned makes life at the Driveway more enjoyable for everyone. If you care to consider the following before attending:

"Driveway Life"

Be polite.
Be courteous.
Be helpful.

Watch for children.
Look after your children. 
Because... children.

Check the weather before heading out.
Dress and hydrate you and yours accordingly.
Be prepared.

Leash your dogs.
Loose dogs and packs of bikes do not end well.

The asphalt is hot.
Dog paws are tender.
Consider this.

Trash cans. Please use.
Everything on the planet thanks you in advance.

Never assume.
When in doubt ask.
We are all guests here.

Never speed on residential streets.
Children and dogs live here.
Consider this.

Toilets. Please use.
Peeing feels good. Peeing in front of homes is bad.
Something to consider.

The wooded areas belong to the
Snakes - wild hogs  - skunks - feral dogs - mountain lions - meth labs
Consider this before exploring.

Come back.
Enjoy some more.



Andrew Willis