Driveway Series

Thursdays thru Sept 27

Going strong for 11 years, Holland Racing is proud to present the 2016 PURE Austin Driveway Series presented by Austin Fit Magazine. The nation's largest race series. The Driveway Series is sanctioned by USA Cycling.

Rothe Training Tip Three: Cool Down

Racing is hard. Taking a few minutes after your race or intervals to spin the legs out can make all the difference in tomorrow's workout or race.

If you do a hard, short yet intense race like a Driveway or a short time trial “cooling” down or spinning out the legs is as important as the warm-up itself. Your legs will thank you the next day. First, it brings your body temperature and heart rate down. Second, and most importantly, it helps with “waste control”. Like with any other intense exercise, you’re building up plenty of toxic waste during racing (the most well-known waste product is lactic acid). If you don’t give your muscles a little time to “cool-down” and move around slowly after a hard, intense effort this may cause stiffness and cramps later in the day/evening or even the next day. If you ever had your legs cramp up hours AFTER your race you know what I’m talking about.