Driveway Series

Thursdays thru Sept 27

Going strong for 11 years, Holland Racing is proud to present the 2016 PURE Austin Driveway Series presented by Austin Fit Magazine. The nation's largest race series. The Driveway Series is sanctioned by USA Cycling.

Rothe Training Tip Two: Race Nutrition

With cycling and exercise comes energy expenditure. We’re burning “fuel” when riding, and racing. With that comes fluid loss in the form of sweat. Our body consists of 55-78% of water and research shows that anything over 1% loss of body weight can have a (negative) impact on your performance.

Besides just drinking plain water you should look into replacing some of your “lost” carbohydrates and minerals, too. Try something on a training ride before you fill your water bottles with a new sweet-tasting product on race day. Your gut might thank you later for it. With so many carbohydrate mixes available these days you should find something which tastes good and your stomach agrees with.

Stay away from solid foods during high-intensity efforts like criteriums or time trials, and instead opt for a gel or carbohydrate mix (powder). For longer road races, solid foods (granola and energy bars, DIY rice cakes, or bananas) are good to take, especially early on in the race. Rule of thumb: If you don’t know how often you should drink during a race, look at your friend or teammate and every time he/she takes a sip out of the bottle, you do, too!